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New Home Purchases

Purchasing a home is an important decision and you should be confident about your investment. I will work with you personally to offer you valuable insight throughout the process, save you time and find the mortgage that best suits your situation. "

Banks offer so many choices and options that picking the right mortgage can be very confusing. Broadly speaking, mortgages fall into two interest-only mortgages.

Fixed Rate Mortgage

If you think interest rates are on the rise, you may want to consider a fixed rate term. A fixed interest rate protects you against rising interest rates for the term of your mortgage. In addition, you have the security of knowing the exact amount your regular principal and interest payment will be.

Variable Rate Mortgage

While a variable rate carries a certain level of risk, the rewards can be worth it. The amount of interest you pay changes as the Prime Rate changes. An Aman Khatkar Variable Rate mortgage can save you money while keeping your options open during periods of fluctuating interest rates.

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