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Mortgage Renewals and Transfers

When it comes time to renew your mortgage, I'll help you review your options and make the renewal process simple and easy.

When your mortgage term comes due, it is now open for renewal. You are now open to negotiate a new term and a new interest rate for your mortgage. The problem is that many homeowners stay with their current mortgage lender by accepting the first offer that the lender presents to them and typically this offer is not the maximum discounted interest rate. Many people figure their current bank will just offer them a good deal and dont bother to shop the market. This is a major mistake.

The bottom line is that renewing your mortgage is something that takes time, time that you may not have due to a busy schedule and lets be honest, a lot of home owners are not keeping daily tabs on interest rates and may not know that their bank is giving them a low-ball offer. This is where The Aman Khatkar Mortgage Group comes into play. Mortgage Renewals is one of the staples of our business, saving clients from accepting the first offer the bank presents to them and thus saving them money. Our team aggressively shops the market upon your mortgage renewal, finding the perfect product to fit your needs with the lowest interest rate possible. Being that your mortgage is up for renewal, there are no fees or penalties involved in switching to another Lender who may be offering you a better interest rate. So why stay with your current Mortgage Lender if you can get a better deal elsewhere?

The Aman Khatkar Mortgage Group offers the best renewal rates in Canada, plus we take the time to show you how you can pay off your mortgage faster. This is all done within an 8 to 12 hour approval turnaround. Because most of the institutions we deal with are strictly mortgage lenders, they focus 100% of their time and effort on the mortgage market. This is very crucial when it comes to providing the interest rates and service that each client deserves.

With this knowledge you can protect yourself and save money. Please call Aman Khatkar Mortgage's office at anytime if you have questions regarding renewals/transfers at 604-591-9200, or on cell at 604-825-1314.

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